DSC Ipad Apps Across the Curriculum

Discover some of the apps for use in the classroom. Learn how you can incorporate the use of iPads into the classroom to engage students and harness multidisciplinary learning in this hands-on workshop. Learn about apps that encourage students to perform at the upper-level of Bloom’s revised taxonomy levels and incorporate project-based learning. BYOI - Bring your own iPad. (ADE Criteria: Content, Instructional strategies, Technology)

  1. Participants will explore educational uses for popular apps and be introduced to a variety of apps for use across the curriculum.
  2. Participants will create a Quizlet set of digital flashcards for use in the classroom.
  3. Participants will evaluate notetaking apps for classroom application through the use of a checklist rubric.
  4. Participants will explore Productivity Apps for use in the classroom.
  5. Participants will adapt a lesson plan/activity for use with the iPad. This lesson plan will incorporate subject area frameworksand Common Core Standards.
  6. Participants will present their lesson plan to the group and explain how they might implement this lesson in their classroom.

"Our teachers are not teaching to the iPad, nor are they teaching apps. They are teaching skills and assessing student learning in a more dynamic way" (Marcinek).