1. You will need to download the PuppetPals HD app, the Storykit app, and the Snapguide app.
  2. Determine which of the apps you would like to use to create a presentation/project with. You will need to use one of the three to create a project that you will share with the group.
  3. Determine the goal of your project. You might want to brainstorm and plan your project before beginning.
    Think about how this can be incorporated into your curriculum to illustrate or explain a concept.
  4. You may work individually or with a group.
  5. Sites with ideas or suggestions of things to create:

Create a PuppetPals puppetshow. The free version has limited characters and backgrounds but will allow you to create a'll just need to be creative with what you have! You will find instructions and some great ideas for your project at the link above.

Using Snapguide and the camera on your phone or pictures you have captured on the Internet, create a Snapguide that illustrates a step by step process. For example, you could create a Snapguide explaining how to make pancakes, how a bill becomes a law, how to tie your shoes, etc. Be creative!

Using the links below, create a storykid book.

Examples of class created storykits and use in the classroom: